• Low noise, large torque, vibration free, heating free and high illumination
  • Push button, Triple water spray, LED hand piece integrate E-generator
  • 4-Hole Push Button system
  • Back siphon tension sanitation hand piece
  • Professional LED light source, superior brightness, longevity 1000 hours
  • Unique electric generator, just a little air can generate sufficient power
  • Can be disinfected repeatedly.
  •  Technical specification: Body size:L134 * H17Head size:Ø 12.5 * H14Bur size:Ø 1.6Chucking power:20-45NSpray:Internal triple spray

    Chuck:Push button

    Sterilization by autoclave at (135) 0CNoise level: ≤70 dB

    Air Pressure:0.22–0.3 MPa

    Rotate speed:250,000–350,000 r.p.m

    Packing list: Handpiece * 10Cap wrench * 10Test needle * 10Packing box  * 10Operation manual  * 10

erator H10PC Dental Fiber Optic LED E-genandpiece 4 Hole

SKU: RX-0927-DFO