Product Description:
This is our fruit and vegetable juice steamer which will be an ideal choice for your home use. This steamer is used for extracting the natural juice from high liquid fruits or vegetables. It is easy to operate. You just need to place fruits or vegetables inside the top colander and boil water in the bottom pot and then concentrate juice drips into the center juice kettle. The juice can be used for making various jelly, syrup, nectar, or to being stored as concentrate. Three pots can plays their special roles. Combination of top colander and bottom pot can steam your favorite food. The bottom steam pot can be separately used to cook delicious soup. The top colander can be used for washing for making veggies or spaghetti. It is suitable for any cooktop including stovetop and induction cooker. The top steamer can hold up to 11 quart. Stainless steel and aluminum make pots have a strong body and easy to clean. It will be worthy of your choice!

High-Quality and Brand New
Made of Durable and Long-Lasting Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Loop Handles for Safe and Convenient Transport
Tempered Glass Lid with Round Handle and A Hole

Can be used on Gas, Electric and Induction cook top
Making Fresh and Delicious Juice, Jelly, Syrup, Nectar or Being Stored as Concentrate
Three Pots Are Freely Combined. Top Colander and Bottom Pot Can Steam Your Favorite Food; The Bottom Steam Pot Can Be Separately Used to Cook Delicious Soup; The Top Colander Can Be Used for Washing before Making Veggies or Spaghetti.
Fitting for Any Range Use
11 Quart Capacity of Top Colander
Easy to Wash and Use
Long Hose with Clamp for Control Juice Outflow

Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Overall dimension: 12"× 12"× 14"(D×H)
More detail for size information pls refer to the picture
Capacity: 11 quart
Package include:
1× Juicer Steamer (3 Steam Pots)
1× Glass Lid
1× Hose with Clamp

11-Quart Stainless Steel Fruit Juicer Steamer Stove Top w/ Tempered Glass Lid

SKU: RX-0718-SC