Fructose quantitative machine fill quantitative accuracy, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to use.

Novice easy operation.

Containers, pipes using food grade materials, clean health.

For sugar, sugar 0.5-3 seconds.

Computerized flow setting, executable set.

Simple operation, touch of a button.



Voltage: 110V/60Hz

Capacity: 8000CC

Net weight: 6.5KG

Size: 34*42*48cm

Filling volume: 5-200CC±0.5CC

Application: fructose syrup sugar syrup

Product advantages:

The appearance of good conditions and beautiful appearance,

Good sanitary conditions and not easy to fall into the dust andflies, do not fall into the debris.

Sugar quantitative accuracy using the motor speed counting, sugar quantitative accuracy.

To fast - to sugar in sugar 0.5-3 seconds without waiting for.

Simple - by microcomputer panel design stick out a mile, you do not have to spend time learning, according to their custom setting of sugar.

Scope of application:

Ice shop, pearl milk tea shop, coffee bar, coffee shops and other widely used.

Package Included:

Fructose quantitative machine*1

Power cord*1

Measuring cup*1

Long spoon *1


1, The machine can not be used without fructose, the amount of fructose should cover the induction line.

2, The sugar mouth needs regular cleaning, it is recommended to clean once a week.

3, To prevent the sugar mouth blocked, can not directly put white sugar or coarser sugar into the liner.

110V 60Hz Bubble Tea Fructose Dispenser Equipment Fructose Quantitative Machine