110V Electric Auto Blizzard Ice Cream Machine Maker Shaker Blender Mixer US Ship



Voltage: 110V

Frequency: 60HZ

Power: 350W

Material: Stainless Steel

Package Weight: 9.2kg

Package Size: 32*33*72cm/ 12.6"*13"*28.3"




1. Pour the ice cream into a paper cup.
2. Put the cup cover on the paper cup and hold the middle of the cup tightly.
3. Place the paper cup under the mixing head, move it up until the mixing head touches the bottom of the paper cup.
4. Turn on the power switch and select the desired speed (speed selection knob).
5, according to the different ingredients, operating in low speed first, then adjust to high-speed gradually.
During the mixing, follow the mixing head and move the cup up and down slowly until each corner of
the cup is reached (if the ice cream is
hard, move slowly).
7. After mixing, please turn off the switch first.



*Keep clean, do pull out the plug when fix or move the machine.

not rinse or soak the machine directly, and in case of the electric
shock, do not let water flow into the switch when cleaning.

*If any damage or abnormality is found, please stop using it immediately.

*Do not use any metal container, instead of the paper cup.

*When Operating, do not close to the mixing place, such as hand, hair, clothes, etc.

*Keep minors away from the machine.

*Do not cancel the ground wire after repairing.

*Do not continuously use in 30 minutes, if need long time use, stop 5 minutes every 30 minutes.

*The mixing shaft shall not to be subjected to collision or transverse force.


110V Electric Auto Blizzard Ice Cream Machine Maker Shaker Blender Mixer

SKU: RX-0419-BM