Our brand new and professional Electric Oil Pump makes transferring fuels easy. Whether you need to fuel your vehicle, generator, farm equipment, or other fuel-powered equipment, this pump has you covered.


It can handle diesel oil, kerosene, not for gasoline. It is constructed from heavy-duty iron, making it durable and long-lasting. With a maximum flow of sixteen gallons per minute, pumping fuel is not only easy, but speedy as well! You can also keep track of how much fuel you pump per job and over the electric oil pump's lifetime of usage using its built-in fueling meter.


This Electric Oil Pump is a must-have device for any person or company that requires regular transferring of fuel.
110 volt pump unit
60 liter per minute (16 gallons per minute) maximum flow rate
550 watt power
Accurate fueling meter (measures in liters)
Self priming rotary vane pump, cast iron pump casing, small size, light weight, simple installation, easy to use
Includes thirteen-foot manual nozzle hose
Its pump head with iron material, and with 100% copper line
Large digits display for easy reading the meter
For fueling diesel oil, kerosene, not for gasoline
Flow rate: 60 liters per minute(16 gallons per minute )
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Power: 550W
Maximum working pressure: 3 bar
Suction length: 5m(16.4 Ft)
Inlet hose length: 6.56ft / 2m
Outlet hose length: 13ft / 4m
Pump body material: cast iron
Mechanical Plastic Flow Meter:
4 digit flow meter 0-9999L (resettable).
Totaliser: 0-999999999L (non resettable cumulative in total).
Body material: Aluminum.
Size: 1"
Measurement: Liter
Flow Rate: 20-120L/min(5-30GPM)
Max operating pressure: 50psi/3.5 Bar
Precision: +/- 1%
Digital subtotal: 4 digital
Digital Intotal: 8 digital
Package includes:
1 x Electric oil pump
1 x Manual Filling Nozzle
1 x Rubber hose
1 x Clear Suction Hose
1 x Mechanical Meter
1 x Instruction

110V Electric Diesel Oil Fuel Transfer Pump w/ Meter +13' Hose & NozzlE

SKU: RX-0718-DP