Product Description

Name: Coffee Bean Roaster
Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage: AC 110V
Machine size:38cm
Drum diameter:14cm
Drum height: approx.21cm

Use for baking beans and nut products, not powder.

1. Install the motor: Fix the bracket into the bottom screw of the motor. Note that the center of the motor shaft is the same as the center of the bearing at the other end of the bracket.
2. Installation roller:
(1) One end of the roller shaft is inserted and tightened to the end of the motor shaft.
(2) Place the roller bearing end in the housing.
(3) overlooking the installation of the baking machine after the completion of the motor shaft to the drum and the bearing into a straight line.
(4) Lock the motor with the bracket.

- Stainless steel roller,Strong temperature holding ability
- Low decibel drive motor, low noise, and comfortable listening to distinguish the dehydration degree of the coffee beans.
- With a convenient observation window, you can observe the cooking color and shape changes of beans at any time.
- Stainless steel roller hole shape distribution,So that the smoke in the baking process is discharged smoothly, rapid cooling and the removal of bean skin.

Package included:
1x Coffee Bean Roaster
1x Stainless steel tray

110V Stainless Steel Coffee Bean Roasting Machine Coffee Roaster Roller Baker

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