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  • [STURDY STRUCTURE]- Made of the durable stainless steel frame, well welding, rust resistance. With two barbecue fixing bracket, the BBQ rotisserie grill will remain stable under all conditions and will not fall easily.
  • [LARGE LOAD CAPACITY]- Heavy-duty BBQ rotisserie grill spit, capable of turning loads up to 56.7Kg/125lbs. Ideal for roasting the entire animals.
  • [FULLY HEIGHT ADJUSTABlE]- Designed with 8 level different height holes, you can adjust the height of the BBQ grill rotisserie kit to meet your needs and control the cooking temperature. adjust to 17", 19", 21", 23", 25", 27", 29", 31".
  • [POWERFUL MOTOR]- This universal Rotisserie Kit adopts a powerful 45W motor with a speed of 4 RPM. Able to rotate food automatically when plugged in. The power cord can be unplugged from the motor when not in use, protect your power cord from breakage.
  • [WIDE USAGE]- Our grill rotisserie kit is perfect for roasting ham, brisket, and whole chickens, hog, goat, lamb, turkey, etc. Suitable for the family, resort, barbecue bar, restaurant and camping to use.


Stainless Steel Material

Made of the high-quality stainless steel frame, well welding, rust resistance, stable and durable in any condition. Easy to install, operate and clean up.



Heavy Duty Frame

With the load capacity up to 56.7kg/125lbs, this heavy-duty electric grill can roast whole chicken, hog, goat, or lamb with little effort over an open fire or right over your grill.



Adjustable Height

Eight tier cooking height adjustment designed to meet different requirements of food. Able to adjust to 17", 19", 21", 23", 25", 27", 29", 31"(43.2, 48.3, 53.3, 58.4, 63.5, 68.6, 73.7, 78.7 cm).



Premium Electric Motor

A powerful 45W motor provided, ensuring your meat cooked perfectly on all sides, no need to worry about being cooked unevenly.



Long Spit Rod

Superior strength & reliability. Long enough to support large food. Cylinder jackets and forks for stabilizing the food or changing food's position.



Wide Application

Ideal grill rotisserie kit for roasting many types of meat. Lightweight 26.3 lbs, perfect for travel and easy transportation. Widely used in the home, resort, barbecue bar, restaurant, and camping.


BBQ Grill Rotisserie Kit
Premium BBQ rotisserie grill with stainless steel material, well welding, rust resistance, stable in any condition. 8 levels different height adjustable to meet different needs. With this grill rotisserie kit, you can make such juicy, succulent meat lightly smoked by an open fire! Ideal for roasting many types of meat, including chicken, pork, lamb, and goat, etc.

  • Sturdy Bracket
  • Large Load Capacity
  • Height Adjustable
  • Wide Application

Package Content:



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Spit Length: 117 cm/46"
  • Load Capacity: 56.7kg/125lbs   
  • Motor Power: 45W
  • Speed: 4RPM
  • Product Weight: 11.94 kg/26.3lbs
  • Adjustment Heights: 17", 19", 21", 23", 25", 27", 29", 31"
  • Product Size: 128 x 49 x 90cm/50.4”x 19.3”x 35.4”(L x W x H)

125lb Electric Stainless Steel Rotisserie System Tripod Capacity Motor Outdoor

SKU: SKU-PO-282-0621-ROT125