Product Description
The C2002-5 chocolate heater melter is widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, bakeries, cafes, chocolate shops, chocolate fountains, etc, to melt chocolate chips.


Illustration on function parameters

Return difference temperature F2: F2 = set temperature – lower limit temperature, assuming that the temperature should be controlled between 20 ℃ and 22 ℃, set temperature as 22 ℃, the lower limit temperature as 20 ℃, then the return difference temperature F2 = 2 ℃ (default return difference as 2 ℃).

Temperature error correction F1: When the display temperature and actual temperature are different, this parameter can be corrected to make the two identical, F1 = actual temperature - display temperature.

When the temperature sensor meets “Measuring temperature = set temperature – return difference temperature F2, the red indicator is on which means an automatic access to the heating device; When the temperature sensors meets “measuring temperature = set temperature," the red heat indicator is off and the yellow ready indicate light is on which means the heating device is cut off.

Digital temperature controller: It is on the control panel and mainly in charge of controlling the heating temperature of the heat pipe to ensure the water temperature inside the tank.


Cleaning and Maintenance
  • In case of accidents, cut off electricity when cleaning the machine
  • Every time after use, clean the machine with a wet towel. Don’t use erosive detergent. Pay special attention when cleaning operation panel, since if the water is let inside, electric parts will be damaged and there will be a short circuit
  • Do not wash the machine directly with running water
  • Water must be drained out of the tank after it is cooled down



Adjust the temperature to 70-80 / 158-176 until the chocolate melts, then adjust the temperature according to your own needs.


      • Under very careful, long-term research
      • Digital control renders the temperature more accurate and scientific
      • Water-barrier heating design, easy temperature control, effectively avoiding chocolate scorch in the bottom of the chamber
      • Chocolate can be more evenly melted
      • With our humanized design concept
      • Very easy to operate since it has exhaust steam and drainage system
      • Made of best grade stainless steel, type 304#, corrosion resistance and easy to clean
      • The temperature is between 30-80℃ / 86-176℉, satisfy different personal needs without damaging the ingredients of chocolate
      • Automatic temperature control system ( automatically stop heating when the temperature is lower than the setting, and vice versa)
      • Suitable for heating chocolate, cream and milk
      • Can also be applied to candles and soaps
    • Type: C2002-5
    • Condition: New
    • Power: 1500 W
    • Voltage: 110 V 60 HZ
    • capacity: 12Kg
    • Machine size: 65 x 36 x 18cm / 25.59" x 14.17" x 7.09"
    • Package size: 72 x 43 x 26cm / 28.35" x 16.93" x 10.27"
    • Net weight: 10kg / 22.05lbs
    • Gross weight: 13kg / 28.66lbs


      Package Content
      1 X C2002-5 Electric Water Heating Chocolate Melter

        12kg Electric Chocolate Tempering Machine Melter Maker W/5 Melting Pot Dining

        SKU: RX-0720-CM1