Product Description


This fantastic machine has been engineered and tested to spit roast a pig, lamb, goat, or any other animal up to 60KG / 132 lbs.


This is a Brand New Stainless Steel BBQ Lamb A pit Roaster, it is easy to use, easy to clean and assemble, this will give you a very good experience. Skip the usual tedious cleanup routine and join the party!


The fully stainless steel construction gives it a sanitary look and provides ease of cleaning. This unit along with your skills will surely make you the talk of your BBQ community. Open pit roasting is a favorite method in many cultures to achieve delicious, flavorful results. Large capacity for up to 132 lb pigs or other meats of your choice.


This unit is specially designed for easy assembly. It features three stainless steel grilling grates with a total of 936 sq.inches of grilling surface.


. Completed roaster frame will be easy to move, assemble and disassemble, easy to store and clean, to be used for many different applications and to be efficient(to save charcoal). And four removable rubber locking swivel casters, a stainless steel windshield can not only save amount of charcoal, but also make taste better. While dripping fat is burning, releasing flavorful smoke that is not blown away by the wind, so the meat is roasting and smoking at the same's a season for camping or picnic, so why not consider our equipment for your vivid holiday life, guarantee you an awesome family enjoyment time.



roast lamb, goat and pig, chicken etc in picnic or camping situation, enjoy delicacy outdoor.


1. the e-motor can stand the weight up to 60 kg , please obey the introduction when install, quality guaranteed only in proper use condition.

2. Our technicians have designed two models of lamb BBQ roaster,which just look different, but never affect the use of its features.


Therefore please do not be surprised if you receive a different lamb BBQ roaster from the picture.





  • Motor Power:25W,Bearing Twists Strength: 60KG (MAX).

    The Fork Central Pole bear 40KG and more far from,more rate lose.So keep the flesh to the pole more closer fixed.

    Not use it in the wet condition or near water,perserve properly in antiwater and antihumid area.

    Keep the uselife under the approx 70 % bearing condition better.In the pre-heating period, the motor should running 2 minutes with any burden(add foods 2 to 3 minutes after )

    The Brochure Production Direction exists in box where you finding the motor.

    • Steel firebox construction
    • High temperature powder coated, durable, high-temperature resistance
    • 3 Chrome plated grills
    • Stainless steel skewer, prongs and braces
    • 25W powerful motor
    • 60KG/132LBS strong torsion
    • 2 wheels design and 2 Feet
    • easy to move and stop
    • windshield design, create better BBQ experience
    • 9 grill height adjustable
    • Take the cold-rolled sheet.
    •  Easy to clean, resistant to rust.Clean.
    • It has three windows when the machine is on fire, oxygen fire more prosperous.
    • It is very easy to spin, it can save manpower.
    • Stainless steel stable structure, hard frame, durable, quality guaranteed.
    • Environmental friendly, save more fuel and prevent thick smokes.
    • Wider accommodation, roast more at one e time.
    • Temperature stays stable.


    • Voltage: 110V (60HZ).
    • Wattage: 25W
    • Material: Stainless Steel.
    • Grill: 3 Chrome Plated Grills.
    • Cooking Surface: 985 x 400mm / 38.78" x 15.75"
    • Capability: 132 Lbs
    • Style: Steel Firebox Construction
    • Structure: 2 Rubber Tread Wheels and 2 Feet.
    • Length(Including Roasting Fork): 1060m / 42"
    • Height(Including Foot Frame): 800mm / 32"
    • The Size Of Roaster Body: 890 x 450 x 250mm / 35" x 17.72" x 9.84"
Package Content
  • 60kg Capability Electric Motor
  • Roasting Roller Grill Fork
  • The Foot Frame Of Roaster Body
  • Other Main Accessories

    132Lb BBQ Pig Lamb Goat Chicken Roaster Stainless Steel Rotisserie Outdoor 25w