Product Description

Each kit includes

(1) - Supply PEX manifold
(1) - Return PEX manifold
(2) - Mounting brackets with bolts
(2) - Automatic air vents (air eliminators). Float type air vent is used to automatically purge the air out of the radiant heat system. Air vent caps are included for pressure testing purposes.
(2) - Isolation ball valves with 1" NPT connections;
Ball valves allow for easy service and pressure testing, while temperature gauges help monitor supply and return water temperatures.
(2) - Drain valves. Both drain valves feature a 3/4" male connection for draining/filling of the system.
(2) – Caps

Equal branch NN - Adjustable manifold flow meters (flow indicators) allowing to monitor GPM (Gallons Per Minute) water flow through individual manifold branches.

Equal branch NN - PEX tubing outlets. Balancing valves allow for adjustment of water flow for each branch independently and help to properly balance the radiant heating system.



      • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant beautifully finished to last for life
      • This PEX Manifold set is pressure tested and pre-assembled. Simply mount the manifold on brackets and connect the valves and PEX tubing
      • No PEX tools required. Use regular pliers or adjustable wrench to connect PEX tubing to the manifold
      • PEX Manifold adapters with the manifold are compatible with any type of PEX tubing - Adapter not included
      • Installs quickly and easily
      • Backed by our store's 100% money back guarantee and manufacturer's warranty
      • No. of PEX outlets: 6/8/10/12/16/20 (3/4/5/6/8/10 on the Supply PEX manifold + 3/4/5/6/8/10 on the Return PEX manifold)
      • For use with PEX tubing sizes: 1/2"
      • Manifold trunk size: 1-1/4"
      • Valve inlet connections: 1" NPT
      • Distance between PEX branches (on center): 2"
      • Max. flow per individual branch: 1.4 GPM
      • Overall height: 14"
      • Overall width (with valves): 12"/15"/17"/18.5"/22.5"/26.5"
      • Overall depth: 4.5" (will fit inside a 2x4 frame wall)
    Package Content
      • 1 X 3 Branches/4 Branches/5 Branches/6 Branches/8 Branches/10 Branches Radiant Floor Heating

    3-10-Branch PEX Radiant Floor Heating Manifold Set-Stainless Steel For 1/2" PEX