Commercial Soft ice Cream Machine 3 Flavor Steel Frozen Yogurt Cone Maker 110V


1. stainless steel body, double cylinders

2. detachable water plate

3. hardness adjustment



Type: Commercial 3 Flavors Soft Ice Cream Machine

Model: ZM-168

Power supply:110V

Power: 1200W

Flavors: 3 Flavors

Material: Stainless steel

Capacity: 12L

Output: 18L/H

Display: LED

Refrigerant: R410A for 110V

Machine Dimension: 420mm x 550mm x 760mm

Gross Weight: 68kg


Precautions for Operation

1. Strictly prohibit empty machine or put less material to running.

2. Before use, please clean machine about two minutes, so that machine feed material convenience. After machine start to work, check display parameter. Hardness is 5-9 class. Refrigeration value is between 1200 and 1800. When the value is zero, machine will be auto stop , you need to check motor and proximity switch at this time.

3. The material can be discharged when forming 50-99, If forming more than 100,then should waiting 10-15 seconds to discharge.

4. Machine and other things can't be too close, it need 50cm space to heat dissipation. Chain need to maintenance once every month (open machine back cover).


Here are some cautions that should be aware

1. When you receive the machine, please don't plug in power at once, because the oil of condenser may have flowed into the tubes due to transport. It is necessary to let the machine stand alone for 5 hours, thus the oil will come back to the right place. Then you can try the machine; Otherwise the machine may not refrigerate;

2. Both the left and right sides of machine should keep more than 30cm heat dissipation space; Otherwise the refrigerating effect won't be good;

3. Before use, please add full water to clean the machine,because it has been tested leaving factory;

4. Please keep enough ice cream dough in both tanks,do not let the machine work with one or two tanks empty,otherwise the motor may be damaged.

5. Before leaving work,you can press STOP button and then CLEANING button,let the machine clean automatically for 3-5 minutes.Take out the rest dough,keep in cold storage.The next day you can add some ice cream powder and use it again.

6.If you won't use the machine for a period,please add water to clean it;If you use the machine frequently, please maintain the chain every several months.


Package Including

1 x Commercial small desktop soft ice cream making machine

1 x Manual




CH 1 Chocolate powered mix bags 6 lbs. 6/ case $92.40

VAN 1 Vanilla powdered mix bags 6 lbs. 6/case $92.40






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