This is a Brand New Stainless Steel BBQ Lamb Apit Roaster, it is easy to use, easy to clean and assemble,


Skip the usual tedious cleanup routine and join the party! The fully stainless steel construction gives it a sanitary look and provides ease of cleaning. This unit along with your skills will surely make you the talk of your BBQing community. Open pit roasting is a favorite method in many cultures to achieve delicious, flavorful results.


Large capacity for up to 88 lb pigs or other meats of your choice.


This unit is specially designed for easy assembly.

Such complete roaster groups without any accessories absent is affordable.our hard roasting fork could bear much flesh pieces, including one leg and head from a goat itself, so you can enjoy more flavor once time. complete roaster frame will be easy to move, assemble and disassemble, easy to store and clean, to be used for many different applications and to be efficient(to save charcoal).add four removable rubber locking swivel casters, a flat platform can make cutting, cooking, placing easy, make taste better.while dripping fat is burning, releasing flavorful smoke that is not blown away by the wind so the meat is roasting and smoking at the same time.   It's a season for camping or picnic, so why not consider our equipment for your vivid holiday life, guarantee you an awesome family enjoys the time, too.


Application: roast complete lamb and other animal flesh, for divide parts can add in the given frame.

Note: keep it outdoor, ventilation and notice electric connect safe, obey use directions.




Special Note:




    • Roasting Fork Length(Including Electronic Motor):1060mm(approx 42 inch).
    • Roasting Fork Length (Furnace Body Only): 890mm (35 inches)


  • Motor Power: 18W,Bearing Twists Strength: 40KG(MAX).


  • The Fork Central Pole bear 40KG and moderate lose.So keep the flesh to the pole more closer fixed.


  • Not use it in the wet condition or near water, preserve properly in antiwater and non-humid area.



  • In the pre-heating period, the motor should be running 2 minutes with any burden(add foods 2 to 3 minutes after )


  • The Brochure Production Direction exists in the box where you finding the motor.






    • Take the cold-rolled sheet.
    • The product is durable, high-temperature resistance.
    • Easy to clean, resista