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    The professional vegetable scale helps to accumulate accurate weight and price at the same time. If you need one for daily use, this ACS-30 40kg/5g Digital Price Computing Scale for Vegetable is your great choice.



    It features low cost but high precision. The built-in sensor ensures its accuracy. It has the capacity to store up to 8 unit prices and 99 accumulate memory. Running on a rechargeable battery, it is quite energy-saving.

    This scale supports auto shut off for saving power. It is widely applied in the supermarket or retail outlets.


    1. New and in a good condition

    2. Storage up to 8 unit prices

    3. Accumulate operation (0-99)

    4. Account function, do memory recall, give change and memory clear one time

    5. Auto shut off function to save power

    6. Display window: 5-digit weight window; 5-digit unit price window and 6-digit total price


    1. Color: Silver & White

    2. Dimensions: (13.58 x 12.99 x 4.72)" / (34.5 x 33 x 12)cm (L x W x H)

    3. Weight: 97.81oz / 2773g

    4. Material: Plastic & Iron Sheet

    5. Model: ACS-30

    6. Capacity: 3kg-40kg

    7. Division: 1g/2g/5g/10g

    8. Precision: 1/3000F.S

    9. Graduation: 5g

    10. Power: 110V-50Hz

    11. Power Loss: ≤10uA

    12. Plug Type: US Plug


    Key Description:

    ZERO: The ZERO key zeroes the scale.

    TARE: The TARE key subtracts tare values and changes the ACS from gross mode(notice )to net mode.

    M+: M+ Key will Store and accumulate the value of weight and amount as and when pressed

    M1 to M8: Stores unit price value at 8 different locations

    0 to 9: The NUMERIC C key(0~9)is used for setting unit price data.

    . : DECIMAL P0INT key is used to set the decimal position of unit price

    C : The C key is used for canceling the memorized data.


    BASIC the scale:

    1. Zero the scale

    When there is no item on the scale but reading ls not zero, press the ZERO key to tum on the ZER0 indicator.

    2. Weighing

    Ensure that Scale
    is in ZERO position and ZERO indicator is glowing; place an item of
    Weighing on the Pan.The Weight Window will display the weight of the ltem.

    3. Tare

    Put Container on the
    platter, once the weight reading is stable, press the TARE key, the TARE
    the indicator will be on and the container's weight wi!l be deducted. When
    it is time to Clear the TARE, take off the container, and press TARE key

    4. Overload Warning

    Please do not add an item that is over the maximum capacity, when the scale is ringing

    an alarm, remove the item on the platter to avoid damage to the load cell.

    5. Unit price setting

    To trade Wity your ACS Scale, it is necessary to set a unit price of the goods, EPS-1 PR
    then uses this unit price to determine how much value of that
    goods(placed on the platter).


    6. When the ACS Scale displaying the weight of the goods placed on the scale, set the unit price through numeric keys.Set unit price is showed in UNIT PRICE window
    display, TOTAL PRICE Window display shows the total price of the goods. To cancel the previous unit price,press C key.

    Package Includes:

    1 x Digital Price Computing Scale

    1 x User Manual

    1 x Charger




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88 Lbs Digital Weight Scale Price Computing -

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