7L Capacity Fruit Crusher Making Apple Wine Juice Making Crusher Grinder


 2 Gallon Manual Apple Scatter Puller | Fruit Crusher pulps fruit to the perfect consistency – soft fruits like berries or plums and hard fruits like pears or apples should first be pulped using a fruit crusher; this breaks the skin to help you extract the maximum amount of juice.


With a big stainless steel hopper this fruit shredder can take care of a gigantic 2 Gallon at a time, mashing your fruit in minutes. Using our crushing machine couldn’t be easier, there’s no loud motor or long wire, simply wind the handle to turn the internal blades.


Product Details and Features 

Style No.: 1141 
Colors: Green & Black 
Product size: 19.7x12.2x10.2 inches 
material: stainless steel, plastic and aluminum


Care Guide 
1. Cannot be operated by children. 
2. Make sure never to come out with hands or loose clothing in the area of rotating parts. Risk of injury! 
3. Must be firmly fixed, so that they cannot slip or tilt during operation. 
4. Use appropriate protective blanket. 
5. Never touch during the grinding process under the protective blanket. 
6. Clean the grinder after completing your work or if a longer break is planned thoroughly with running water and a suitable brush. Effective is the cleaning with water pressure, for example, with a hose. Clean the gaps of the grinding rollers thoroughly. Bearings and surfaces should be lubricated regularly and especially after prolonged exposure to a food oil.


SKU: RX-0818-FC