This Is Our Brand New 9" Semi-Auto Meat Slicer Which Is High-Efficiency And Energy-Saving. It Can Slice Massive Boneless Meat, Including Beef, Mutton, Venison, And Also Can Slice Cheese, Ham, Bread, Vegetable, Fruit And Other Food Up To The 0-0.47"

Slices Without Breaking Down The Muscle Fiber Structure.


And It Is Easy To Clean And Is Perfect For Home Kitchens And Restaurants.

Brand New And High Quality
Easily Slices Meat Vegetables, Bread, and Cheese
Sharpening Control Buttons For Controlling The Whetstones To Sharpen Two Sides Of The Blade Easily
Fixed Device Handle For Pushing The Fixed Meat To Slice
Moving Handle And The Fixed Device Handle Compose Of Dual Handles System To Slice Meat Effortlessly
Slice Thickness Adjustable

9" Blade Commercial Meat Slicer Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer - free shipping

SKU: RX-0618-MS9