Product Description
  • This listing is to introduce you 5 type of electric sauna heater machine with different control way: Built-in controller or external controller.
    This is our new 2-9KW sauna heater with controller for home & commercial use. Apply high quality stainless steel shell, crafted heating coil, it is fast to heating and power-saving. Wall-mount design, This sauna heater suits sauna room ranges from 2m³ to 13m³(selectable), connect 110-120V or 220-240V voltage. You can easily adjust temperature and time, and enjoy a cozy & comfortable sauna experience. The sauna heater should be wall mounted 18cm height from the ground.
    Internal Control Sauna Heater Details:
    1. Time Mode: It will start to work after setting, working time: up to one hour.
    2. Temperature Adjust: adjust the knob on sauna heater to change the temperature, the highest temperature is 90℃.
    External Control Sauna Heater Details:
    1. Control Sauna Room Lights: Designed to Control the turn on/off of max.60W lights in sauna room.
    2. Two Working Modes:
    Mode A: 8+4 running time(max. working time: 4 hours), max. unworking time: 8 hours.
    eg. Divided line: 4:00, the heater’s running time is 4:00-0:00; unworking time is 12:00-4:00 (heater Doesn’t work). If you don’t want to start the heater at once (delay 2 hours to automatically start heater). The time is set at 6:00.
    Mode B: Heater starts working immediately after setting(no unworking time), max. working time: 12 hours.
    3. Time Adjustment: Press upward key“▲” or downward key “▼” to adjust time, 3 seconds later, it goes into countdown from setting time and it will automatically turn off when screen show 0:00, default time is 2:00.
    4. Temperature Adjustment: Temperature range: 40-105℃ (104-221℉), press upward key“▲” or downward key “▼” to adjust temperature, 3 seconds later, present temperature will be displayed.
    5. Control on/off of Sauna Heater
    6. With Temperature Sensor: 3M-length to be installed inside the room,  heat-resistant cable.
    7. Over-Heat Protection: When the temperature reaches 150℃, it will auto turn off to prevent scald.
    • 【Product Details】- Power: 2KW/3KW/6KW/9KW(optional); Working Area: 2-13m³(Select). Professional sauna heater provider, give you a cozy wet & dry sauna experience.
    • 【Control Way】- Have 4 types of internal controlled sauna heater, 1 type of sauna heater with external controller. With different power, it will work for different room space.
    • 【Temp & Time Adjust】- Internal Control Machine: adjust temperature by knob(Max.90℃); Time setting mode: It will start to work after setting, working time: up to one hour.. External Controller Machine: Control panel to change temperature(40-105℃); Working Mode: Mode A: 8+4 running time; Mode B: Continuous operation(max.12 hours).
    • 【Assemble Ways】- Both type of sauna heater should be installed wall mounted, and it has good heat dissipation design for machine durability and prevent over heating.
    • 【Diverse Use】- These products have passed CE tests, thus are safe & reliable on use. Used for dry sauna and spa, help to relax muscle, relief fatigue, help to improve your sleeping quality, perspire sweat & body waste etc.
    • High Quality
  • Excellent 430 stainless steel shell(2-9KW internal control), thick aluminum alloy shell(9KW external control) powder-coated for anti-rust & durable.
    • Function Adjustable
    Internal & external controlled sauna heater support different temperature setting and time adjust between: 40-105℃(or Max.90℃).
    • Heating Material
    High efficient product, crafted stainless steel heating coil, fast to heat and power-saving. No need to wait for a long time.
    • Quick Installation
    Wall-mount design, good heat dissipation function. Good dry sauna heater stove, easy to install and operate.
    • Need Know
    This sauna heater need to connect electric wire, and we don't provide with plugs, please in kind prevail.
    • Quality Ensure
    We will send you a 2-year warranty, so you don't have to worry about the quality or any after sale problems.
  • Internal Controlled Machine:
    • Input: 110-120V(2KW); 220-240V(3KW/6KW/9KW)
    • Sauna Type: Wet & Dry
    • Controller Type: Built-in
    • Wire: 3*2.5(N*mm2); 3*10(N*mm²)
    • Suitable Sauna Room:
    • 2KW Type: 2-3m³(70-106cubic feet); 190cm Height
    • 3KW Type: 2-4m³(70-140cubic feet); 190cm Height
    • 6KW Type: 5-9m³; 190cm Height
    • 9KW Type: 9-13m³ ; 190cm Height
    • Sauna Stone Need(Not Included):
    • 2KW Type: 12KG
    • 3KW Type: 12KG
    • 6KW Type: 18KG
    • 9KW Type: 20KG
    • Temperature Range: Max. 90℃
    • Wall Mount Height: Min.18cm/7"
    External Controlled Machine:
    • Power: 9KW
    • Input: 220V-240V
    • Wire: 3*10(N*mm2)
    • Suitable Sauna Room: 9-13m³; 190cm Height
    • Sauna Stone Need: 20KG
    • Temperature Range: 40-105℃ (104-221℉)
    • Product Size: 410*280*570mm / 15.8*11*22inch
    • Product Weight: 12kg / 26.4LBS
    • Warranty: 2 Years
Package Content
    • 1 X Sauna Heater Stove
    • 1 X User Manual
    • 1 X External Controller(9KW External Type)
    • 1 X Temperature Sensor (9KW External Type)

2/3/6/9 KW Sauna Heater Stove Wet & Dry Stainless 220V SPA

SKU: RX-1019-SHS