This nice acrylic counter display is multi-use because you can show many different products like donuts, bagels, pastry, bread, croissants, chips bags, cookies, sandwich, tortillas, arepas, muffins, and many more.

Handmade Items.


Display dimensions:

Two tiers: 14"D X 12"W x 12"H (2 removable trays)

Item RX-0419-PC2



Three tiers: 14"D x 12"W x 16"H  (3 removable trays)

Item RX-0419-PC3



Four tiers: 14"D x 12"W x 19"H (4 removable trays)

Item RX-0419-PC4



Five tiers: 14"D x 12"W x 23"H (5 removable trays)

Item RX-0419-PC5



Back door

Two plastic hinges with metal spring to keep the door close and the products are fresh all the time.

Nice plastic Handle.


*Although rare, tiny hairline cracks and air bubbles or pockets may occur during the fabrication process at joints. Due to the clear nature of the material, these are beyond control and are not considered defects.

*Protect your clear cube and maintain its surface gloss by occasional polishing with a good plastic cleaner and polish. Apply a thin, even coat with a soft clean cloth and polish lightly with cotton flannel. Then wipe with a damp cloth to help eliminate electrostatic charges that can attract dust particles.

*DO NOT USE Window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds or solvents such as acetone, gasoline, benzene, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, or lacquer thinner. These can scratch the sheet’s surface and/or weaken the sheet causing small surface cracks called “crazing.” Do not apply any solvents (i.e. rubbing alcohol to your clear cube) as it can lead to cracking)

Acrylic Pastry Bakery Donuts Bagels Cookie Display Case w/ trays CUPCAKE stand

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