· Power:1600W
· Voltage:AC110V,50Hz
· Measurement accuracy: +0.5%FS
· Working environment: 0-50°C, 30-85%RH
· Max.Heat ing temperature: 1150℃
· Capacity of the crucible:130.35cm3
· External dimensions of the crucible: diameter:6.5 Height: 12.5
· Internal dimensions of the crucible: diameter:3.8 Height: 11.5
· TemperatureControl system:the PID
The PID module has two functions:to measure and to control the heating
· Dimensions:( LxWxH) 31x36x37cm
· Shipping dimensions 38 x38 x42cm
· Weight: 11kg
1.Plug the device in the power source.
2.Press the ON / OFF button.
3. Set the temperature smelting temperature)
Press the SET button: SV( =set value)flashes. Every single digit can be set:
to select the digit you want to change, press the "<"button. To change its value,
use the buttons "∨" "∧". To save the selected value, press SET again.
Notice: If you don’t save the selected value, the device will automatically go
back to the main display mode without holding the value which was set after
30 seconds.
4.The device is starting the heating  process. The “OUT” light is lit until the temperature reaches the chosen value.
5. As soon as the temperature is reached, the device stops heating. The “OUT” light flashes and the temperature remains constant.
6. Cast the metal into the mold and put the crucible back to the heating chamber.
7. Turn the furnace out as soon as the whole quantity of molten metal was used.
Control system: the PID
The PID module has two functions: to measure and to control the heating.
The temperature measurement in the heating coil is made at regular intervals.
The information is transmitted to the PID module as the current value. If the current value is inferior to the set value, the PID module makes the device heat.If the current value is superior or equal to the set value, the PID module stops the heating.
This cycle gets repeated at a 2-second-interval. Therefore, a high grade
of precision is ensured.
The advantages of the PID module in comparison to a normal thermostat are flexibility, efficiency,and precision.
Thus,the energy consumption can be optimized, and the material fatigue can be compensated: Therefore.
Special attention:
· In order to ensure long durability and a good function of your device, we strongly advise to work less than 3 hours at once. please ensure to stop for 30 mins after 2 hours of continuous work.
· Periodically check the intactness of the crucible, to avoid damages of
the heating coil.
· The maximal operating temperature tolerated by the melting furnace
is 1150 ℃, never exceed this value.
· Recycled gold or silver contain acid and alkali which may corrode the
heating element. If you want to melt that kind of metals, please open the cover of the melting chamber with regularity to let the toxic substances
IMPORTANT: The graphite crucible is only adapted
to melt gold, silver, copper and other  noble metals!

Auto Electric Melting Furnace Gold Silver Copper Smelter Graphite Crucible 1600W

SKU: RX-0120-GSM