The product uses an electronic constant temperature mechanism and speeds adjusting transmission mechanism and it can seal plastic film or bags of various materials in various shapes. Can be assorted to different seal assembly line, the seal length is unconstrained.


The machine can be equipped with embossing wheel and type wheel, you can also replace the type to what you need. You can print the production date, shelf life, logo etc. on the package of your products while you seal them with the machine. This kind of seal machine fits for the seal of a plastic bag, aluminum foil bag, compound bag in the industry of the medicine, the agricultural chemicals, food, lubricating oil, etc




Sealing Width: 6-12 MM

Film Thickness:0.03-0.80 MM

Sealing Speed:0-12m/min   

Temperature Range:Max. 300 Degrees C    


Conveyor Size:L 775 x W 140 MM

Conveyor Load:Max. 3.0 KGS

Power Supply:110V

Power Consumption:500 W


Printing Category: Steel Wheel Printing

Overall Size:L870 x W440 x H390 MM

Net Weight:25KG

Automatic Horizontal Continuous Film Plastic Bag Band Sealing Sealer Machine

SKU: RX-102018-SM