-This instrument is special used in grinding groundnut and sesame, then to make sauce for Hot pot or something else, high efficiency, operation quietly, long sustain of wheels. It can be used both in home and restaurant, is really an ideal machine for groundnut and sesame processing.


-Using high quality stainless steel, will not be rust, clean and sanitation. with respect to the pressure homogenizer, colloid mill is the first of a centrifugal equipment, its advantage is simple structure, equipment maintenance and maintenance is convenient for high viscosity materials and larger particles of material.
-Peanut butter colloid mill machine is a new equipment by introducing the latest technologies of wet-type particle processing method.
-Compacted structure, stable working, low noise, rust-proof, easy to clear and maintain.

Peanut butter colloid mill making machine is designed to make peanut butter, sesame paste,etc with various tastes.

Voltage: 110V/50Hz
Speed: 2400r/min


CE Commercial Peanut butter maker Sesame Butter Milling machine 15kg/h 1100W

SKU: RX-031218-PBMM