- capacity: 1,500 lbs.
- roll back protection slots
- chain holes for heavy lifting
- heavy duty thick rectangular tube wall
- stabilizer bar included
- uses 2” x 3” boards for roll back protection

- weight: 50 lbs. each
- stabilizer bar weight: 24 lbs.
- stabilizer bar: adjusts from 29"- 44" w
- total length: 60"
- fork length: 43"
- fork width: 3"
- fork height: 2"
- bucket lip gap: 2"



Transport goods with ease: skip the heavy lifting and let your tractor do the work! Our pallet forks make it easier to move and transport hefty items. These pallet forks allow you to haul logs, lumber, and firewood. You can also move fence posts. Use these pallet forks to clear debris and brush as well as move hay bales. The versatility of our pallet forks is endless. Order today.

Adjustable spreader bar: it can be irritating when your forks spread too far apart because it makes picking up bales or logs more difficult. With our adjustable stabilizer bar, this issue will not be a problem. The bar conveniently prevents your forks from spreading apart. Our stabilizer bar can be adjusted from 19” to 34”. Just use the width adjustment knob to determine your desired distance.

Compatible with most tractors: these pallet forks feature a universal design that is compatible with most lawn tractors, loaders, and mowers. Whether you own a new holland, Kubota, john Deere, ford, or another make, these pallet forks will easily clamp on. Just attach the forks to the bucket and you will be set to start moving supplies. These pallet forks are an essential piece of farm equipment.

Secure lifting: these lightweight pallet forks use chain holes to ensure you will get a secure lift, even when dealing with heavy objects. These forks are designed with thick rectangular tube walls. Each fork weighs about 50 lb. Rollback protection slots will keep you and your machinery safe from harm. These forks have a combined weight capacity of 1,500 lbs., so you can carry a wide variety of goods.

Dimensions: our pallet forks have a total length of 60”, with the forks measuring at 43” l x 3” w x 2” h. They allow for a bucket lip gap of 2”. The stabilizer bar adjusts from 29” to 44” within the forks. These forks are designed with thick rectangular tube walls. Each fork weighs about 50 lb. And the forks have a combined weight capacity of 1,500 lbs.

When you have a hefty load to transport, use pallet forks by Titan attachments. Our pallet forks are designed with high-quality, heavy-duty material that can withstand large weight capacities. These clamp-on pallet forks are no exception. They can carry loads of up to 1,500 lbs. No longer do you need to strain yourself or your equipment. These pallet forks will do the job for you! Use them to help you landscape your property or clamp them on for your farming and agricultural needs. We recommend using them to pick up logs, lumber, timber, and firewood. These pallet forks are also fantastic for moving and installing fence posts. You can use these forks to clear brush and debris to prepare for the perfect bonfire. Perhaps you have several mounds or bales of hay that need to be rearranged. With our pallet forks, the job becomes a piece of cake. Farmers are not the only ones who benefit from pallet forks; hunters use them too, especially for properly transporting game. These pallet forks come with an adjustable stabilizer bar, so you do not have to worry about your forks spreading apart while you use them. The bar can be adjusted from 19” to 34” inside the forks. Simply turn the width adjustment knob until it is at your desired distance. These pallet forks are compatible with most mowers, including models by John Deere, Kubota, Ford, and New Holland. Just attach the clamp-on forks to your bucket and you are good to go. This equipment has a total length of 60”, with the forks measuring at

43” l x 3” w x 2” h.