1. Heat, humidity and keep fresh.
2. Thick steel glass around, heat-resisting and thermal insulative
3. Covert light. Convenient for night work.
4. Layer display shelves. Enough space for showing
5. Temperature switch
6. Stainless steel base w 3 shelves

7. 110v 60hz

8. Temperature range 85-185F



26"  092618-26

26" w x 17 1/2" d x 24" h

1500 watts 13.6 amps


36"  092618-36

36" w sx 19" d x 24" h

1500 watts - 13.6 amps


48" 092618-48

48"w x 19" d x 22" h

1500 watts - 13.6 amps

Display all of your food, accessories, and equipment with our commercial food display cases! They are important for preserving and showing off fresh foods at markets, food stores, bakeries, and other kinds of food businesses.


We have display equipment for all sorts of items and goods that are guaranteed to add a little atmosphere to any location. Sturdy and durable equipment makes our displays last for a long time.

Commercial Food Warmer