Product Description

The listing is about 18L x 2 Tanks Cold Fruit Juice Beverage Cold Drinks Dispenser Machine. Separate two bowls that meet your different needs. With top quality and stylish appearance, has wide application, it's the best choice for you!


1. With two 4.75 gallon bowls, our cold drinks dispenser machines are easy to read measuring marks, are separate to allow bowl cleaning and flavor changes without "total system shut-down".
2. Classic bubbler style dispenser with magnetic drive agitators can be set for efficient agitation, stainless steel dispensing valves.
3. Equipped with magnetizing jet pump, may magnetize beverages, helpful for your health, it sprays beverage like a fountain during operation, and the cooling effect lasts for a long time.
4. Unique stainless steel evaporator and high-efficiency pump cools faster and more efficiently for faster start-ups, cool transfer effective temperature of fast movements.



The Juice Beverage Dispensing Machine can dispense fruit punch, lemonade, iced tea, and fruit juice containing particulates. It is suitable for convenience stores, hotels, restaurant chains, commercial streets, schools and other places with greater demands. In the heat of summer, it can make ice milk, ice-cold beer, sherbet, plum juice, soybean milk, soda, coffee and other soft drinks.
      • 18L x 2 tanks cold drinks dispenser machine
      • Drink Dispenser with tap can produce cold drinks
      • Mixing power is huge, can mix soya-bean milk, yogurt and bring the enrichment of the pulp drinks
      • Classic bubbler style, vertical spray dispenser with magnetic driven agitators
      • The piston discharging valve, larger particles are not easy to jam
      • Superior engineering allows full beverage cooling right down to the last drink
      • Stainless steel, dripless pouring valves are sanitary and easy to use and maintain
      • Better design and more stainless steel allow easier cleaning and less maintenance
      • Humanized handle, easy to use, comfortable and convenient
      • Widely used in hotels, coffee hall, enterprises and institutions and individual shops
      • 2 years' warranty
      • Condition: New
      • Color: Yellow
      • Product: Cold drinks dispenser machine
      • Voltage: 110V
      • Frequency: 60 Hz
      • Power: 250 W
      • Feature: Two tanks
      • Capacity of per tank: 18 L (4.75 Gal us)
      • Gross capacity: 36 L (9.5 Gal us)
      • Cooling temperature: 8-12 ℃ / 46.4-53.6 ℉
      • Item Dimension: 402 x 442 x 675mm / 15.8" x 17.4" x 26.6"
      • Body construction: Stainless steel
      • Gross weight: 25 kg / 55.12 lbs
    Package Content
      • 1 x Cold Drinks Dispenser Machine (18L x 2 Tanks)
      • 1 x Product Manual

    Commercial Juice Beverage Cold Refrigerated 2 Drink Dispenser Machine

    SKU: RX-1019-JUICE2