Features & Details


  • Precise timer and temperature adjusting knobs with the clear scale of 0~5 minutes and 50~300℃. LED light indicates heating status. Clear and melodious alarm when the waffle is ready, no need to wait beside any longer.
  • Dual heating pans to form up a delicious round waffle, can be divided into 4 pieces along the lines. Non-stick Teflon coating allows better shaping and keeps your place clean and neat without spending a lot of time cleaning up. The mold with a diameter of 7.3"(185mm), depth of 0.6"(16mm).
  • 180° rotatable mold for better cooking and higher efficiency. SUS plate beneath the mold to catch leaking pastry for easier cleaning. Stainless steel machine body, easy cleaning and stands up for a longer working period. Sturdy and smooth joints between two pans provide reassuring usage. Four-foot pads remain machine steady.
  • - Thickened brackets link mold with the machine, front support adopts stable triangular structure; neat, beautiful without the disorder. The security level is also improved. Thick handle with assuring heat dissipation. A smooth surface makes the operation more effective.
  • Soft inside and crispy outside waffle with a special flavor, endless aftertaste and alluring smell. Chocolate, candies and other decorations can be added freely to add flavor to warm waffles. A great choice for bakeries, restaurants, kiosks, canteens, etc.

Convenient Operation

Smooth knobs for easy control of waffle maker. Temperature ranges from 50~300℃ with LED light showing heating status. Precise timer for up to 5 minute period. Clear and melodious alarm when the waffle is ready.

Trustworthy Mold

The waffle maker adopts dual pans (upper and lower). The mold with a diameter of 7.3"(185mm), depth of 0.6"(16mm). Both pans provide even heating. Teflon coated surface for non-stick cooking and keeps your place neat.

Rotatable Design

Mould is 180° rotatable by simply turning the handle. Such design enables pastry to be heated more evenly and more quickly. A stainless steel pan beneath the mold for storing leaking pastry.

Sturdy Support

Thickened brackets link mold with machine firmly. Such design improves security level, more durable and makes machine's appearance neat and beautiful. No need to worry while turning the mold.

Wide Application

Round-shaped waffle, soft inside and crispy outside with endless aftertastes. Chocolate, candies and other decorations can be added freely to add flavor. A great choice for bakeries, events, etc.

Commercial Waffle Maker

Machine designed for baking delicious waffles. Made of quality stainless steel, the machine is beautiful, durable and easy to clean. Cast aluminum mold with Teflon coating makes cooking easy and fast. Precise time and temp. control. Alarm provided when the cooking process is over. Mould 180° rotatable.

  • Time & Temperature Control
  • Non-stick Pans
  • Advanced Quality
  • Sturdy and Durable


  • Power: 1100W
  • Timer: 0~5 mins
  • Temp.: 50~300℃
  • Mould Coating: Teflon
  • Mould Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • Gross Weight: 24 lbs (11 kg)
  • Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.9" x 16.5" x 13.4" (53 x 42 x 3

Commercial Round Waffle Maker Belgian Nonstick Rotated

SKU: PO-282-0721-BWAF