Widely applied in restaurants, cafes, snack shops, fast food shops, supermarkets and other places with high needs. Without trivial steps, soft ice cream, yogurt or sorbet can be made in a short period.
Countertop Soft Ice Cream Machine

This countertop designed soft ice cream machine can make 2+1 flavors of ice cream, featuring one-click cleaning function. It comes with powerful compressors, two 7L (1.8 Gallons) food grade plastic hoppers, one external damp-proof cone holder and a LCD display for direct observation of the machine’s operation, which makes it a perfect tool for the places with high needs, such as pubs, cafes, cold drink specialty shops, etc.




  • Strong Functionality
  • 2+1 Flavors
  • Intelligent Control
  • Refined Fittings



Features & Details


  • [STRONG FUNCTIONALITY]- Equipped With two large capacity (7L*2/1.8 Gallons*2) hoppers, this ice cream machine maker adopts powerful compressors and radiators for long-term use.
  • [2+1 FLAVORS]- The soft-serve ice cream maker can make three different flavors, including two single flavors and one mix flavor.
  • [INTELLIGENT CONTROL]- With LCD display design, you can control the quantity, hardness and temperature of this electric ice cream maker machine at any time.
  • [REFINED FITTINGS]- This 3 flavor ice cream machine comes with an external cone holder for damp-proof and a detachable drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • [EXTENSIVE USE]- Can be used to make soft ice cream, yogurt and other sorbets. The commercial ice cream maker is perfect to use for restaurants, cafes, fast food shops, etc.

Commercial Soft Ice Cream Making Machine 3-flavor Countertop Soft Yogurt Maker