The ice shaver is made of high-quality Aluminum rotary plate to prevent rust. The stainless steel blade is sharp and strong. Its low center of gravity prevents shaking or washer effect, fineness of ice can be adjusted through the knob.It has a protective shield where the ice block is placed and a mechanism that will automatically shut off the machine when lid is open.


You may adjust the blade to change the texture of the ice.The ice shaver also has a nozzle at the base where a drain hose can be attached to prevent melted ice from spilling out.


Item Specifications:Power:250WAC Voltage: 110V/60Hz

Rotate Speed: 320rpm

Crushing capacity: 264 LBS/H

Machine Dimensions:292 x 400 x 440 mm




Operation Instruction:1.Open the lid, clean the ice through with dry towel, check whether the blade is installed firmly

2.Please check whether there are damages of the power line and the plug, the leakage phenomenon, contacts whether good, close the switch, insert the power source.

3.Open the machine lid, invest the right amount ice piece then cover the top head.

4.Press down the starting switch in the front of the machine.

5.According to your needs to adjust the blade adjuster to process each various ice with different thickness.6.The use ice piece diameter in 2-5cm is best, also may pound the big ice into small ones.


Counter top crushed ice slush machine - profit make

SKU: RX-0218-IC