Machine made of stainless steel material, never rust;

The tray with special design, make it fixed on the supporting plate, it will not be offset in the use process, keep straight slide;


The machine adopts all metal, more stable; independent internal gear control roller, a handle extension, more effort, more pressure;

Light weight , easy to use, easy to move;


Idea for:

Sheeting,Pizza dough Pizza base,Pizza crust,uff pastry,Bread molder,Pie crust Roti sheet.



Size: Metal plate diameter:200mm(7.87inch),

Metal plate thickness:5mm(0.2inch),

Texture of material:Stainless steel, 


Package Include:

1 set of Household Pizza Dough Pastry Manual Press Machine


Dough press sheeter - ideal for roti - naan - small pizza -