Electric 350W 300Cups/h Automatic Plastic Drink Tea Cups Sealer Sealing Machine



Heavy-duty durable stainless steel structure provides commercial quality reliability. Featuring an updated design that makes it easy to work with and very efficient. Ideal for restaurants, beverage factories and restaurants. Ideals cup fully automatically within seconds. Place the cup in the tray and the machine does the rest!

Great for liquids like boba-milk tea(bubble tea), cold coffee, smoothies, gelato, yogurt, ice cream, fruit puree, sauces, and other snack items like candies, fruits, and much more!



◆ Heavy-duty and durable stainless steel structure.

◆ High sensitive scanner for precise sealing to save bubble films.

◆ Indicator lights for safe and convenient operation.

◆ Seal automatically in seconds.

◆ Fully intelligent sealing machine for the clear and aluminum sealing film.

◆ Suitable for 95MM/90MM PP,PE,PET,PS,PVC and paper cups.

◆ New rolling system for the waste film without destroying the cups notusing for a long time.

◆ Good for sealing cup beverage, boba milk tea, ice and hot coffee, smoothie, etc




Model: WY-980

Material: Stainless steel coating

Cup diameter: 3.54"(90mm) /3.74"(95mm)

Max Cup Heigh: 7.08"(180mm)

Sealing film size: Width 4.7"(120mm)

Voltage: 110V/50Hz

Power: 350W

Film materials: PP or PET

Cup materials: PP, PET, PC, and Paper Cups

Operation Speed: 300 Cups/Hour

Machine size: 13.78"x13.78"x24.8" /350x350x630mm

Tem. Range: 122℉-482℉(50℃-250℃)



1. Power button: While using the machine, this button must be pressed. The LED screen will display, lower mold sent out, the machine will enter the standby state.

2. Automatic/Manual option button or reset button

a. After pressing the button, automatic light will light and enter the automatic state, it will send the cup in and complete the whole sealing operation automatically after putting the cup into the lower mold.(temperature must reach the setting point and heating light is normally on)

b.After pressing the button, manual light will light and enter manual state, need to press manual button step by step button to action( without temperature limit)

c. When the machine is in an automatic or manual sealing action process, the button has reset function at this time, the machine will return to the ordinary standby state.

3. Setting button: press this button before setting or changing computer functionUp and down button: choose computer function, increase or decrease the number

Counter reset button: press this button to clear cup sealing quantity, number return to zero

4. Counter display

a. Usually display cup sealing number

b. Display function item in setting state, such as P1, P2..

5. Temperature display

a. Usually display heating plate temperatureb. Display setting point in setting statec. Display fault code while break down

6. Safety door: it indicates that the exit is touched when the light is on

7. Electric eye: it indicates that electric eye has detected black spots of the cup sealing filmwhen the light is on

8. Cup enters into the machine: it shows that the cup is entering into the machine when the light ison

9. Film rolling: it shows the machine is doing film rolling when the light is on

10. Pressing:t shows the upper mould is pressing and sealing the cup

11. Rising:it shows the upper mould is rising and resetting

12. Cup come out:it shows the cup is coming out from the machine when the light is on

13. Automatic: it shows the machine is under the automatic working condition when the light is on

14. Manual: it shows the machine is under the manual working condition when the light is on

15. Heating: it shows the heating plate is heating when the light is flashing, and the heating plate has reached the setting point when the light is normally on



Package List:

1x WY-980 Cup Sealing Machine

1x  Manual

Electric Automatic Bubble Tea Cup Sealing Machine Sealer 300Cups/h 350W -

SKU: RX-0520-BTS110