• Tenderizes steaks up to 7." wide and 1" thick 
• Commercially approved, sanitary stainless steel 
• Quality stainless steel housing for durability. 
• 2 set of 37 stainless steel rotating knives, 2 stainless steel stripper combs 
• Delicately maintains form and shape of the meat 
• Punctures for better marinade & sauce penetration 



• Easy disassembly for cleaning & maintenance 
• Pierces fiber and knits both sides at once 
• Compatible with Hakka brothers TC series meat grinders 
• Not for use on bone


Ideal for: 
• Skirt steak 
• Flank steak 
• Boneless chuck steak 
• All types of round steak 
• Venison 
• Chicken breast 
• Stir-fry meat


• Largest steak size (capacity) on the market (7.6" wide x 1" thick) 
• Delicious, tender results from tougher cuts of meat 
• Virtually no additional prep time, ready in seconds 
• Meat maintains form and shape for cooking 
• Delivers efficiency and bottom-line savings!

Electric Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer

SKU: RX-120318-TEND