Features & Details:

  • 【STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION】- Made of premium 304 stainless steel, the faucet mount eyewash is rust and corrosion resistant, alkali and acid resistant, anti-oxidation, and easy to maintain. No harmful substances, keeping water pure and harmless.
  • 【DOUBLE AERATED HEADS】- This combination station for eyewash and shower is designed with an eyewash bowl with dual eyewash nozzles to gives eyes a clean and an enlarged shower spray with a pull rod switch to take a quick shower.
  • 【HANDS-FREE OPERATION】- This safety shower is controlled with a luminous hand push switch. Push the board in clockwise or counterclockwise to control the water. Adopting a stay-open ball valve allows hands-free operation.
  • 【COMBINATION & EASY INSTALLATION】- The station can be mounted on the ground to give an emergency eyewash solution. Assembly and installation are easy with no fatigue. Water inlet interface dimensions: DN15 and DN32; Outlet interface dimension: DN32.
  • 【VARIOUS APPLICATION】- The emergency eyewash station is widely used in the lab, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, medical, and other industry fields, to give eyes, face, and body an emergency cleaning when exposed to harmful chemicals.

Key Features



    Combination & Durable


    It is a combination of eyewash and shower stations. Made of 304 stainless steel, it features good resistance to corrosion, acid, alkali, and oxidation, durable for long service life.


    Double Eyewash Nozzles


    Dual eyewash nozzles with built-in bubbler and filter to filter out impurities, make the water flow soft and foamy, avoiding damage to the eyes. Two dust covers protect the spray heads.


    Large Eyewash Bowl


    The eyewash is designed with a large basin to avoid water splashing. The diameter is up to 26cm. A water seepage hole is used to drain the residual water in the eyewash nozzle, practical and convenient.


    Enlarged Shower Spray


    A shower spray with a round shape makes the water drop thick and delivers a robust and powerful, yet comfortable spray. An ergonomic pull rod controls the water, with the ball valve control system, convenient and easy.


    Luminous Hand Push Board


    The hand-push board is luminous, easy to use at night. Once you push the board in the clockwise direction, the nozzle release water, and then users can free their hands thanks to the stay-open ball valve design.


    Easy to Install & Maintain


    The shower and eyewash stations can be easily intsalled on the ground to satisfy users’ needs. Assembly and installation are easy. Inlet interface dimensions: DN15 and DN32; Outlet interface dimension: DN32.
Emergency Eyewash Station Safety Shower
This combination of eyewash and shower stations is made of durable 304 stainless steel material, no harmful substances precipitated. It is used to give cleaning to eyes, face, and body at any time in order to minimize damage and harm when exposed to harmful chemicals.
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Double Aerated Heads
  • Hands-free Operation
  • Combination & Easy Installation
  • Type: Combination
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Standard pressure: 0.2~0.4MPA
  • Nominal pressure: 0.4MPA
  • Spray flow: 120-180L/min
  • Eyewash flow: 12L/min
  • Inlet Interface: DN15 and DN32
  • Outlet Interface: DN32
Package Content
  • 1 x Set of Eyewash Station
  • 2 x Dust covers
  • 1 x Kit of accessories

Emergency Eyewash Eye Wash Safety Combination Emergency Shower Stainless Steel

SKU: RX-0120-EWS