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Food Truck Serving Table Convenient Serving Shelf for Concession Window Stands 4ft


We provide you with this shelf for concession window, which is beautiful in appearance and is forged from high-quality steel. Constructed with stainless steel frame and aluminum alloy surface board, this shelf is light and sturdy, able to hold up to 20kg(44lbs). It is also durable and foldable. The surface is smoothed, it is easy to clean and can be used for car toll stations, gas stations, takeaways. dining car and other occasions.



Suitable for mounting on walls of kitchens, dining carts and bathroom, car toll stations, gas stations, takeaways, dining car, food sales vehicles and other occasions. Both indoors and outdoors for storing your stuff.



  • Aluminum Alloy Plate - Plate surface adopts sleek aluminum alloy material with good quality. It is light weight and sturdy. Wear and rust resistant and will not corrode. 

  • Foldable Design - Under the shelf there are two brackets. By pushing the snap joints, this shelf can be drop down smoothly with ease.

  • Solid and Firm Structure - Two cross-bars beneath the shelf provide assure support. Triangle shape of the brackets makes it more stable. Able to bear 20kg(44lbs).

  • Convenient Installation - This shelf has a simple structure and pre-drilled mounting holes. Necessary screws and expansion pipes included. It is easy to install.

  • Sufficient Storage - This serving food shelf is 122x30.5x5cm(48x12x2in) in size. Large space for placing food and drinks.

  • Smooth Surface - The multi-process forging smooth surface, waterproof and anti-staining performance, only need a clean rag and a small amount of water to remove most of the stains.



Frame: Stainless Steel

Surface Board: Aluminum Alloy

Model: 4FT

Foldable Size: 122x30.5x7.6cm(48x12x3in)

Panel Thickness: 7.6mm(3in)

Max. Load: 20kg(44lbs)

Gross Weight: 8.25kg(18.2lbs)

Package Size: 126x35x13cm(49.6x13.8x5.1in)


Package List:

1 x Concession Shelf

Few Screws

Folding concession shelf - 4' or 6' or 8'