This product is designed to prevent ice dams from forming on roofs, in gutters and downspouts. When properly installed and operated, this heat tape for roof and gutters will create a path for melted snow or ice to drain from the roof to the ground. A great tool for cold areas and winter time.



  • Note

  • 1. For security use, you must unfold the cable.

  • 2. We suggest you take a video when unpacking in case that there are any accessories lacking; we will send it to you after receiving your video.

  • Reliable Heat Tape

  • Remote Digital Control


The gutter heat cable is a 4-layer design; the inner part is 2 heating conductors, 2nd layer: PVC for insulation; 3rd layer: braided copper; 4th layer: PVC cover. It stands temper up to 105℃ better than the other.

Professional Install Ways

For better deicing function, different houses need specific installation methods. We will offer you ways to install the cable for the roof, roofline, gutter, valleys, downspouts.


Thermostat & Socket

To convenient your daily control, we also offer you a thermostat & a socket. 2.4Ghz wireless auto- connection, it can control & display time, current & target temperature(℃/℉), mode selection.


Suits Different Roofs

Our ice dam heat cable is compatible with inclined roofs. Roofs with noncombustible tab shingles (such as asphalt shingles), metal, or plastic gutters/downspouts.


Enough Spacers & Clips

As a considerate seller, we also provide accessories for your convenience. This roof heating cable kit includes shingle clips and cable spacers, which will meet all your needs.


Cable Length Choose

An accurate estimate of the cable length you need is important because this heat cable for roof cannot be cut. Thus you can follow the suggestions on the user manual.



  • Material: Cooper + PVC

  • Working Temperature: -40 to 105℃/-40℉ to 221℉

  • Input: 115-125V

  • Output Power: 707W

  • Current: 5.9 Amp

  • Bending Radius: 2.36"

  • Waterproof Rate: IP68

  • Bus Wire: 18AWG

  • Thermostat Temperature Control: 0-70℃/32-158℉

Package Content

  • 1 x Roof Heat Cable

  • 1 x Thermostat

  • 1 x Plug Socket

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Spacer & Clips Kit

Heat Roof Gutter De-icing Ice Snow Melter Cable Tape Kit W/ Thermostat