Features & Details:


  • [TUBE HEATING & JET FORCE]- The heat tunnel adopts far-infrared tube heating mode with 6 stainless steel tubes continuously producing infrared radiation while working. Have a good hot air circulation under the tunnel with a fan equipped and jet force from two sides. Achieve optimal contraction packaging.
  • [INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL]- The temperature and wind in the tunnel and the speed of the conveyor can be easily controlled with the control panel, easy to understand. Temperature range: 0-300℃.
  • [STABLE TRANSMISSION DEVICE]- Electronic step-less transmission is stable and reliable. The conveyor is a chain type, pure metal chain conveyor belt, coat insulated silica gel tube. Maximum shrink size: 45 X 25cm. Conveyor speed: 0-10m/min. Load capacity: 10kg.
  • [CONSIDERATE DETAILS]- Equipped with a 7000W motor, supporting the continuous work. Lockable niversal wheels keep sturdy, and high-temperature insulation cloth protects users from heat.
  • [VARIOUS APPLICATION]- The shrink wrap machine sealer is suitable for articles and tray packaging, which is applied in contraction packaging in food, beverage, candies, stationery, hardware, and so on. Suitable for PVC/PP/PE shrinking membrane.



  • This shrink wrap sealer machine must be connected with an air circuit breaker switch(not offered by us), whose current is 63A.
  • Three live/fire lines, one neutral/zero line, and one ground/earth line, all of them must be connected to the correct place.



Heat Pipe & Jet Force


6 stainless steel tubes continuously produce infrared radiation to directly heat the PVC/PP/PE shrinking membrane. A fan equipped and jet force helps hot air circulation. Heating evenly. Max shrinking size(L x H): 45 X 25cm.



Digital Temperature Controller


Easy to understand digital control panel allows for easy adjustment of the temperature and wind in the tunnel, and the speed of conveyor. Temperature range: 0-300℃. Accurately control the temperature.



Chain Conveyor


Load capacity: 10kg. Conveyor speed: 0-10m/min. The wrapping machine food usage is designed with a chain conveyor, constructed from heat-resistant silicone tubes protecting the film from deformation.



Large Power Motor


A High-power and pure-copper motor, adopted in the part of the transmission, can support the machine's work continuously for a long time. The operation is stable and reliable.



Durable Construction


The machine is made of steel, with universal wheels feet which is lockable to keep stable and fixed. It is designed with an insulation cloth for heat resistance and dustproof function.



Wide Application


Widely used in food, daily chemical, hardware, cultural articles, glass products, electronic components, and other products of single, set or combination packaging. For PVC/PE/PP film.

Heat Shrink Machine 45 X 25cm Chain Type
The thermal shrink packaging machine is suitable for shrink films such as PVC, PP, PE, etc. The items are wrapped in the shrinking film, which is transparent to display the wrapped items and protect the items from moisture and dust. Widely used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other industries. Note: three-phase five-wire.



  • Far-Infrared Tube Heating
  • Intelligent Temperature Control
  • Stable Transmission Device
  • Considerate Details

Package Content:



  • Voltage: three-phase / single-phase
  • Power: 7000W
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-10m/min
  • Max. Shrink Size: 17.7 x 9.84in/45 x 25cm
  • Max. Feeding Weigh: 10kg
  • Temperature Range: 0-300℃
  • Total Dimensions(L X W X H): 47.2 x 27.6 x 26in/120 x 70 x 66cm
  • Gross Weight: 194lbs/88kg

Heat Shrink Machine Shrink Tunnel Machine 17.7x9.84in Packaging Machine

SKU: PO-282-0621-BS4525