• Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Solid metal gear box and clear plastic dome
  • Safe and no flower damage
  • Compact design requires minimal space
  • Removable handle for easier storage
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use, easy to carry, easy to clean
  • Hand driven, no electric part, high security & energy-saving


High Efficiency

  • Hexagonal column is bigger and more labor-saving.
  • Handle is removable.
  • Portable, easy to use and clean.


Safe Cutting

  • Stainless steel shelf.
  • 6 mm grid spacing ensures safe cutting.


Reduce Hand Strain & Easy To Operate Lock

  • Spring-loaded so that they automatically push themselves open.
  • Safe and secure sideways locking mechanism that keeps your blades protected and closed when not in use.


Ultra Sharp Blades and Make Precise Cuts

  • stainless steel precision-sharpened blades.
  • You can easily cut the part you want to cut without damaging other important stems and branches of other plants.


Care: Clean the blade after each use









Food-grade Silicone

Food grade silicone fingers can handle plants efficiently with delicate care and minimize residue adhesion during use.

Hydroponic Leaf Bowl Trimmer 16" Plant Bud Flower Spin Cutter & Shears

SKU: RX-10262020-VIVOSUN