Brand New 24" Wall Mounted Electric cheese melter Salamander Broiler Barbecue grill

Technical info: 
Power : 120 volt - 2000 watts

24" wide


Stainless steel construction

Weight : 15KG


Cheese Melter Electric Cheesemelter 2000W Salamander Broiler BBQ Grill Countertop


Product description:
★ This cheese melting machine is made of thickened food-grade stainless steel with a brushed surface. Anti-corrosion and long-term use.
★ The temperature can be precisely controlled by the knob, and the temperature can be adjusted from 50-300 ° C (122-572 ° F); the heating temperature of the food can be changed by adjusting the height of the grill.
★ This machine uses upper heating technology, which effectively reduces smoke and dust and improves baking efficiency. The maximum working area is 17.7 "x 10.2" (450x260mm).
★ Large area oil pan design for collecting food residue and waste oil. Wall-mounted design improves space utilization.
★ The wall-mounted design is good for space use, and its grill can be used to melt cheese, toast sandwiches, and even grill steaks and other meats.

Voltage: 110V / 60Hz
Power: 2000W
Temperature range: 122-572 ° F (50-300 ° C)
Maximum single working time: 12h
Maximum working area: 17.7 "x 10.2" (45x26cm)
Product size: 24 "* 12" * 10.5 "(60.96 * 30.48 * 26.67cm)
Package size: 26 "x 14.9" x 11.8 "(66 * 38 * 30cm)


New Electric Cheesemelter- Countertop Broiler BBQ Grill

SKU: RX-020-CM23