NEW Kitchen Mobile Commercial Oil Filter System 40L Fryer Oil Filter Machine



In the process of producing fried foods, the quality of frying oil will gradually decline after being used for a long time. And foods fried by this oil will blacken easily and have high oil content, excessive acid and peroxide values which can greatly affect its taste. Therefore, frying oil must be replaced after being used for some time, but, frequent replacement of frying oil will increase production costs. 


We offer you this FRYING OIL FILTER, it can solve all problems above, extend the hours of use of frying oil and save oil costs. As a high-quality machine with small size, lightweight and high stability, it is suitable for fried food production plants, fast food restaurants, supermarkets and other places with great needs.


Why need to filter the oil, these are the things you need to know!




→ With user-friendly pushing handle, one can easily move the machine

→ Large chamber that holds up to 40L(10.5 Gallons) of oil

→ Stainless steel body, safe, durable and easy to clean

→ Mecanum wheel with lock, prevents the machine from moving freely

→ The oil filtering hose has good heat insulation and corrosion resistance

→ Constructed of oil outlet valve, easily discharge oil residues in the oil filtering hose

→ Widely used in restaurants, supermarkets, factories and other places with great needs




Voltage: 110V / 60Hz

Power: 300W

Oil Capacity: 40L / 10.5Gallon

Item Dimensions: 66×41×56 mm / 26"×16"×22"

Filter Area: 0.13㎡

Gross Weight: about 41kg

Package Size: 73×52×49cm / 28.74×20.47×19.3"

Oil Temperture: 120-180℃ / 248-356℉

Note: The single working time of the motor shall not exceed 15 minutes



1: M8*25 screw installation bottom 4 wheels; 2: raw material belt tightly out the oil outlet and install the oil pipe wrench to tighten; 3: turn the top cover 2 handle; 4: put the transparent plastic pad flat in the upper slot At the bottom of the body, then lay 2 stainless steel filters and then flatten the filter paper. Finally, press the rectangular frame on the filter paper; 5: Install 4 T-screws around the filter frame.



Package List:

1 × Fryer Oil Filter Machine

1 piece of oil filter paper

A set of accessories

NEW Kitchen Mobile Commercial Oil Filter System 40L Fryer Oil Filter Machine

SKU: RX-0720-OFM