Social Distancing Floor Decals 

Choose from 5 or 10 packs

12 INCH ROUND, Bright, durable floor decal WITH ANTI SLIP/WEAR OVER LAMINATE to help everyone practice social distancing. These floor decals were designed for grocery stores, Dr. Offices, Hospitals, and anywhere else that a line of people gather. Maintain Crowd Control with our Social Distancing Floor Stickers.

Made of Premium Removable Gloss Adhesive Vinyl PVC – Removable adhesive for increased opacity which allows for super bright and vibrant colors.

Easy to Apply and Remove - does not tear into small pieces when removing. They can be applied to any floor surface are removable so you can re-adjust or re-locate at anytime(Please keep the paste area clean). If they get a little crease you can simply heat up the area with a heat gun or hairdryer and press the wrinkle out.

Ultra-tough Polyester Base - Each social distance decal is made with a durable polyester base material with waterproof coating, Anti-slip textured surface – Resists water, scratches, and tearing.

Pack of 5 OR 10 - 12 INCH Social Distancing Floor Decals Stickers