This is our 3-compartment sink with hot and cold water manufactured These sinks are of high-quality light and durable.

It can be used also for laboratory/Catering/barbecues/food
demonstrations/banquets/or other temporary services

Our customers range from schools, hospitals, concessions, food service companies, constructions companies and event organizers.


No water and plumbing installation is required only connect to a 110v
outlet and only fill the green water tank and ready, now you have a whole sink where you want and need. No assembling required, just unpack and use

Lightweight easy to transport (only 45lb - one person can lift the sink)

This sink has backflow protection.


If you have any questions let us know how we can help you with other requirements.


  • Hot and cold water ( our Water heater has adjustable thermostat)

  • 2.5 High-quality Water heater with Temp. Range 50 Degrees to 140 Degrees F

  • The emergency pressure valve is properly connected (no danger of burnings when the valve open)


  • 3 NSF Stainless Steel Sink bowl size: 6"X 11 3/4" X 5 1/2"

  • Individually trapped drains as required in some states

  • Industrial Heavy Duty Plastic multiple cabinet base panel, metal-reinforced Cabinet - Dim: 35" x 18" x 26"

  • 6 -Gallon Fresh Water Holding Tank. The actual tank comes with the unit - no water bottle required

  • 7-Gallon Waste Water Tank. 15% percent larger to meet regulations and to prevent overflow

  • High-quality STARFLO Water Pump Very quiet

  • Electronic water level control - water pump turns off when the tank is empty avoiding damage to the pump.

  • Overload protection

  • 9 ft #14 (15A) power cord, (works on 110V )

  • All
    water connections are made with high quality, vibration resistant
    flexible Watts and JohnGuest connectors - no leaks over time NSF

  • For more options in the portable sink, please visit our web store.


Portable NSF sink mobile Self contained Hot Water concession three COMPARTMENT

SKU: RX-0819-HS3C