1.The solar oven cooks a meal in as little as 15 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 626 ° F (330 ° C) in full sun. Using every drop of sun and retaining its heat. Even in winter, the temperature is -22 ℉ (-30 ° C), you can cook a meal with the solar oven.
2.The solar oven will replace your barbecue / grill. Bake, steam, boil and fry. Keeps wet meats, including meats that are easy to dry like venison, fish and rabbit.
3.Just load with food, unattended. The solar oven keeps the flavor and nutrition of your food from 360 °.
4.Cook, roast, steam and sauté, nothing is out of bounds! When cooking is finished, keep the tray closed, which can keep your food warm and ready to eat for hours, no sun needed.
5.The pre-assembled package deploys in seconds. Weight is 3.3lbs / 1.5kg.Great for camping, outdoor cooking, cooking off grill preparers. Able to feed 2 ~ 3 people.

Category: Solar BBQ Oven
Material: Stainless steel vacuum tube
Vacuum tube size: 24.4 "(length) x2" (inside diameter) / 2.8 "(outside diameter)
Open size: 30.7 "(L) x12.6" (W) x15.7 "(H)
Package Size: 27 "(length) x7.9" (W) x7.9 "(H)
Operating temperature: 120 ° C (248 ° F) - 330 ° C (626 ° F)
Cooking time: fast 15min (strong light)
Output power: 230W (with enough sunlight)
Package weight: 5.5 kg / 2.5 kg

The package includes:
1x solar oven
1x bag

Portable Solar Cooker Sun Oven Camping Barbeque Cooker BBQ Grill with Bag 230W