The RapidFire Pro-L offers the ultimate combination of portability, function, and performance demanded by professional artists, at a fraction of the cost of comparative products.


It is the ideal solution for jewelry, metal clay, and ceramic firing. Comes complete with a digital control panel, embedded heating element, a 6" x 5" x 6" firing chamber, 1500 watts of power, and a wide opening door. And at just 12 lbs, it's light enough to take with you on the go.


Using innovating technology and high-temperature thermocouples, this unit managed to distribute heat efficiently, and will heat up to 2200°F (1205°C). At 100% heating times of 8 to 10 minutes, the RapidFire pro will help you manage both time and costs; therefore ensuring that you can focus on your projects.


*Please note that due to the nature of raw steel under extreme temperatures, the steel surface will experience tempering and coloration changes over time. RapidFire kilns are also available with programmable ramping controllers.


Made in the U.S.A.


*WARNING: Not intended for use with wax burnout procedures. Please find our eBay listings: 323432897887 or 323418602331 for more information on our burnout kilns.


Additional Features & Specifications:


• Outside Dimensions: 8" x 7" x 13" (width x diameter x height).

• Firing Chamber Dimensions: 6 tall x 5" deep x 6". 

• Product Weight: 12 Lbs.

• Maximum Heating Temperature: 2200°F (1205°C).

• Power: 1500 watts with a standard 15 Amp circuit.

• Coiled Type Resistance Wire.

• Controller Type: Digital.

RapidFire TableTop Standard Ceramic Precious Metal Clay Jewelry Kiln Furnace