Product Description

This bottle labeling machine gets the ideal effect in actual use in light industries just like food, drink etc.. It brings more standard and quick logo with high-cost performance, semi-automatic and handy means that can take less power drain and space. The color ribbon coder is a table type semi-automatic machine and brings big improvements in work efficiency.


With the motor and touching control by the limit switch and with small volume, which can be suitable for matching with the vertical filling packing machine and used for printing the date of production and batch in the industries of food, beverage, medicine etc.


It adopts hot stamp ribbon instead of liquid ink.  It can print clear words on any packing materials with the features of simple operation and convenient maintenance. Strict compliance with the instruction manual is part of the requirements of this machine. Moreover, It has a reasonable structure, reliable performance and simple operation with optical detection and accurate labeling.


Working Principle:


  • Being based on the adhesive material itself, get friction in this period, then adjust to the proper places of labels with awesome accuracy.

    Save more time than pure human labor, several hours it can continue work too.

    Outstanding digital programs of control, stable quality won't be disturbed by many subjective factors.



    Control the label and the case, label, using rubber roller pinned bottle the non-drying label followed the bottle in the bottle and put on rotating.

    Efficiency is as high as 50 times/minutes.

    Labeling bottle adjustable, meet different before and after the workpiece labeling needs.

    Labeling effect is good, no bubble, no creases, grade high, to increase product competitiveness.

    Choose brand and sensor etc electronic components, performance


  • Application Details:


  • Note:  Pressure-sensitive adhesive labels on round bottle round jar cylinder Suitable for round bottles like PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, metal bottle, etc Widely used in cosmetics, beverage, foodstuff, food, medical industries Rapidly raise the production efficiency and the label quality.

  • Suitable for labeling round bottle in different sizes


  • Composed by the main body, sending paper, receiving the paper, bottle orientation

  • Putting the bottle to orientation part by manual and fix it All metal is made of standard stainless steel, guaranteed with high-quality

  • Small size labeling machine, very easy to operate. SpecificationsVoltage: 110V standard

  • Motor power:120W

  • Applicable bottles of diameter:12-90mm / 0.47''-3.54''

  • Label Roll External Diameter:250mm / 9.84''

  • Label Roll Inner Diameter:76mm / 3'' Range of thickness:<=5cm / 2''

  • Labeling Speed:50pcs/min

  • Labeling Accuracy:+/-0.5mm

  • Dimensions of the machine: 640×350×460mm /25.2x13.8x18.1 inch

  • Weight: 25kg / 55.12lbs

  • Package Content All components for installation.(as in the attached pic)

  • Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

  • Power grid

  • Fuse Slotted screwdriver

  • Inner hexagonal wrench

  • Manual Certificate of quality.



    Modular design,convenient maintenance and repair costs low.



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