If you're looking to meet the minimum requirements of your local health department without breaking the bank, these sinks are for you.


These are ECONOMY minimum quality sink sets for the thrifty minded.

22 or 24 gauge NSF Stainless Steel Pans.

Although they are not high-end sinks,

Widely used as concession sinks.

4 Sink Drains 4 Sink Strainers 1 Swivel  Dish Wash Faucet 1 Hand Wash Faucet


FREE Gifts! Suction Cup Sponge Holder a set of Sanitation Labels (WASH, RISE, SANITIZE)100 Chlorine Test Strips (Required by Health Dept.) a Splash Guard! (Required by Health Dept.)

Sink drain holes are beveled as required by some health departments.

Each Standard Sink Basin measures 12 3/4" Length  x 6 7/8" Width x 6" Depth Sink

Basins are all SEPARATE UNITS and made from NSF hotel pans.



Sinks package for food truck - 3 compartment plus 1 hand wash- includes 2 faucet

SKU: RX-0718-FTS