2.5L Automatic spout pouch bag/ stand up pouch bag filling machine Filler US TOP
Product parameters:

Working power supply: 110V
Power: 180W
Filling range: 5-2500ML
Delay range: 0.01s~999.9s
Counting range: 1~59999 times
Working mode: power-on delay data program setting
Display mode: upper row filling time display, middle row intermittent time display, lower row count display
Dimensions: 350*350*370MM
Filling accuracy: ±0.5%
Weight: 9kg
Filling head diameter: 6mm
Material: Stainless steel

This machine adopts all stainless steel self-priming pump, uses microcomputer to control the working time and intermittent time of the pump, quantitative automatic filling, and automatically sets the filling volume. It can be used for filling beverages, wine, petroleum, daily chemical, edible oil, medicine, pesticide and other various liquids. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient. The discharge nozzle can be lengthened and the leather tube can be moved and filled arbitrarily. It can meet the unlimited capacity of more than 5g. It is a reliable and durable filling equipment. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, often applicable to small businesses and small shops, homes, etc.

Packing list:
Filter head*1+tool+check valve*1+power cord*1+foot switch*1+filling machine*1

Connect the power supply, turn on the power switch, put the feed tube into the raw material barrel and press "filling setting" for a while, see the normal discharge, press again, the filling stops and then the bottle to be filled Or take the measuring cup and connect it to the discharge pipe mouth. If you want to install 500ML, see the water to the position of the measuring cup 500Ml, press the "Filling setting" to stop the filling, the time displayed in the reading row is the time of 500ML, observe the measuring cup If the distance is less than 500ML, the “Setting” cursor of the filling time in the reading row flashes, move to the right, and press to increase or decrease the time. If it is not enough, increase the time, and decrease the time if there is more. After increasing or decreasing the time, press the manual button once, and come out once 500ML, observe whether it is just right, and slowly adjust it until it is suitable. After setting, it is the time to install 500ML each time. If you do not change the flow rate, do not change the filling volume, every time you owe the boot memory is the time. "Waiting time" is only used when using the automatic mode. Generally, it is set to two seconds. The time from one bottle to another bottle is set according to personal operation. The waiting time for fast people can be set short. Some. Don't worry about it by hand or foot, press it once or step on a bottle. Set up like "Time Setting"

After setting the required filling volume time, please do not adjust the flow button. Otherwise, the flow volume will change. For the same filling time, the filling volume will change with the flow rate.

"Counter", the factory setting is 99999 bottles, cleared to continue after full. Need to count, the setting is similar to "time setting"

Standing Pouch Filler,Automatic nozzle liquid sauce filling machine 5-2500ML

SKU: RX-0920-PFM1