This crane attachment is an amazingly useful tool, allowing you to lift heavy loads with ease. If you work in a warehouse or factory, you will find this attachment especially helpful. This dynamic lifting hoist makes it so that your machinery can lift and transport hefty items overhead. Use it at industrial job sites, farms, ranches, and more. This attachment is designed to take the load off your equipment. It won’t tax or overwhelm your forklift thanks to its heavy-duty construction and innovative design. In fact, it can support a load capacity of up to 4000 lbs., allowing you to pick up plenty of materials and containers. This attachment has a double-fork design, so it fits most pallet forks. To attach it, just slide the hoisting hook over your pallet forks through the fork pockets. Then, clamp them down with the thumbscrews for extra security and safety. Next, attach the hook to the payload. Now, you’re all set to start lifting! This attachment is powder coated for extra durability and longevity. It is made from strong, durable steel, ensuring that it will last for years to come. This attachment has an overall width of 26” and weighs approximately 54 lbs. The fork pockets measure at 6” x 3” while the swivel hook measures 8” x 3” – 4”. The distance between the forks pockets is 12”. This lifting hoist system has a steel thickness of 0.5". Easily complete lifting jobs by adding this mobile crane to your forklift supplies and gear. It will make your heavy lifting job much easier by utilizing your forklift's full capacity. Order it today!

GREAT FOR LIFTING HEAVY LOADS: Don’t strain and tax your equipment trying to lift heavy loads. Instead, use this hoist attachment by Titan. It’s designed to reduce stress on your machinery by supporting an impressive weight capacity of up to 4000 lbs. Pick up hefty materials using this powerful piece of equipment. 

MADE FOR FORKLIFTS: Easily convert your forklift into a mobile crane with this lifting hoist by Titan Attachments. It features a double-fork design, which allows it to fit most pallet forks. Thanks to this innovative implement, you’ll be able to transform your forklift into an industrial lifting machine! 

EASY TO INSTALL: Converting your forklift into a crane is incredibly easy. Simply slide the hoisting hook over your pallet forks through the fork pockets. Then, clamp them down with the thumbscrews. This ensures greater stability and safety. Finally, attach the hook to your payload. Your forklift is now ready to lift those heavy loads.

STRONG STURDY MATERIAL:  At Titan Attachments, our implements and parts are made from high-quality material to give you the best service possible. This crane attachment is no exception! It’s made from heavy-duty steel, making it a durable piece of hardware. It could handle professional construction and industrial jobs with ease. 

DIMENSIONS: This attachment has a width of 26” and a height of 8”. It weighs 54 lbs. and can support a weight capacity of up to 4000 lbs. The fork pockets measure at 6” x 3” and the hook is  8.1" x 3" –  4". The distance between each fork pocket is 12”. Finally, this attachment has a steel thickness of 0.5”.

- Double Fork Design 
- Powder Coated Finish 
- Fits Most Pallet Forks 
- Installs in seconds

- Capacity: 4000 lb. 
- Width:26" 
- Height: 8" 
- Weight: 54 lb. 
- Fork pockets: 6" x 3" 
- Size of hook: 8.1" x 3"-4" 
- Distance between fork pockets: 12" 
- Steel thickness: 1/2"

Titan Forklift Lifting Hoist Swivel Hook Mobile Crane 4000 lb. capacity lift

SKU: RX-1019-FLH