For aerial tasks, you’ll need a sturdy safety cage to finish the job. Our steel basket will help you accomplish a myriad of aerial assignments, including changing out lights, painting buildings, repairing roofs, and cutting down trees. Whether you’re a construction worker, telehandler, or lumberjack, you’ll find this safety cage incredibly useful. This platform is designed with your protection in mind. It has a mesh back safety screen, handrails, and a non-slip surface to keep you securely inside. These important safety features help ensure fewer injuries, slips, and falls. You’ll also find a double-chain door that makes getting in and out easier. The chains also help you stay inside the box. This safety cage has a galvanized finish, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is compatible with most standard forklifts and pallet loaders. To attach the cage to your machine, simply slide the forks through the sleeves. Then, lock them into place using the pins, and you’re all set. This piece of equipment is foldable for easy storage. To collapse it, just slide the inside wall’s locks inward. Then, carefully lower all walls inward to finish folding the cage down. Once it’s folded, you can place it in your storage. This safety cage is made to accommodate a single person. It measures at 38.5” H x 36” L x 36” W, so one man can still move around while in the cage. The toe plate measures at 4”. The fork slots measure at 6.25" x 2". This safety cage has a durable all-steel construction, allowing for a weight capacity of 749 lbs. The cage weighs about 136 lbs. Add it to your industrial supplies today.

ULTIMATE PROTECTION: Keep yourself and your employees safe with this heavy-duty steel basket. It is reinforced with guardrails and a non-slip floor to help prevent falls and injuries. It also has a mesh safety screen that helps keep you securely inside. Additionally, there are double chains that make getting in and out easier.

COMPATIBLE WITH FORKLIFTS & LOADERS: This platform cage can be used with any standard forklift or pallet loader. The pallet fork sleeves on the bottom of the platform run the entire length of the cage and lock into place with pins for maximum security and stability. Just slide the forks through the sleeves, bolt them into place, and you’re all set!

GREAT FOR AERIAL JOBS: Whenever your job calls for an elevated platform, use Titan’s Forklift Safety Cage. Our safety cage can help you complete aerial tasks. Use it to change lights and repair roofs. You can also use it for painting the exterior of homes or for performing tree services. This cage features a galvanized finish, so it will easily withstand the elements during outdoor use. 

EASY STORAGE: When you need to stow away your safety cage, simply fold it up. This platform is conveniently collapsible for easy storage. To fold, slide the inside wall’s locks inward. Then, carefully lower all walls inward to completely fold the cage down. That’s it! Besides being easy to store, this cage is also easy to assemble and operate. There are no tools required. 

DIMENSIONS: This safety cage measures at 38.5” H x 36” L x 36” W, making it the perfect size for one person to stand and move around in. It has a 4-inch toe plate. Its fork slots measure at 6.25" x 2". It is built from an all-steel construction, allowing for a weight capacity of 749 lbs. This cage weighs approximately 136 lbs.

- Mesh Safety Screen 
- Internal handrail 
- Full length pallet fork pockets 
- Double chain door 
- Folds for easy storage 
- Mesh back

- Height: 38.5" 
- Length: 36" 
- Width: 36" 
- Fork Slots: 6.25" x 2" 
- Capacity: 749 lb 
- Weight: 136 lb 
- Material: Steel

Safe: Non-slip floor, mesh back and rails help prevent falls, 4” toe plate; Locks into place once assembled
Sturdy: Heavy duty steel construction
Convenient: Double chains make getting in and out easier; Folds down for better storage
Easy to assemble and operate: No tools required; Easily mounts to forklift
Capacity: Holds up to 749 lb


Titan Forklift Safety Cage, Collapsible Work Platform, Steel Basket, 36” x 36”

SKU: RX-1019-FLC