This Portable Stainless Steel Trompo Para Tacos Al Pastor comes equipped with Dual Infrared Burners that’ll give you easily 35,000 worth of BTU output suitable enough to handle any Cookout Event or task at hand.


Holds 30 lbs of Meat - 

Manual rotation by hand 


It comes in Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Gauge Stainless Steel that won’t warp or bend, and is a perfect addition. This Traditional Tacos al Pastor Machine/ Grill Burner is manually positioned for rotation in which you may adjust the meat to your convenience, and liking with its featured adjustable sliders that allow you to move the Trompo Spit back and forth for a better heat position in 3 separate spaces, engineered to provide a crispy outside while keeping the meat juicy on the inside.


It also comes handy with 2 adjustable 1.5” Knobs adjustable for Low to High Heat. Its double-walled hood allows for natural airflow, which gives your food a more smoky, flavorful taste.


This Vertical broiler or Trompo Pastorero will provide high performance broiling for a crisp, juicy and flavorful taste and are perfect for many of todays modern diverse menu selections. Great for not only Pastor, but this Trompo is capable of catering to preparing Gyros, Kebob’s, or even Chicken, Beef and Lamb Shawarma.


Surely you won’t regret purchasing this Portable Trompo Pastorero. It will help you cook what you just simply cannot cook on any other cookware Kitchen Appliance successfully.


This Trompo Pastorero Measures Approx. 29.5” H at the Trompo “Spit”. 29” in Length and 18” in W. It comes with a Stainless Steel Stand that it sits upon vented for optimal Heat Flow.


The Comal also comes with a separate additional Burner that sits underneath, and the Comal Griddle measures approx. 22” L x 17.5” W x 2” H. Is Propane Gas Operated.


Includes 1 High-Pressure Hose and Propane  Gas, Regulator.





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Trompo Para Tacos Al Pastor Dual Infrared Propane Gas Burner

SKU: RX-CD-0321-BUR1900